Pharmatek: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development specializes in compound selection, analytical development and formulation development. Based in San Diego, Pharmatek is known for it's own Hot Rod Chemistry and Formulation Screening Kit.

Compound Evaluation
Analytical Methods Development
Preformulation Testing
Formulation Development
GMP Manufacturing
Stability Testing/Storage
Cytotoxic and High-Potent Development
Total Quality Excellence
Pharmatek, 1999-2009: 10 Years of Great Chemistry
Analytical Methods Development

Reliable and reproducible analytical methods are essential to both the pharmaceutical development process and the evaluation of drug product to meet the standard of potency, purity and stability. Analytical chemists will work to develop, qualify and validate methods or refine existing analytical methods to meet these demands. Pharmatek offers most modes of detection including, UV/VIS, PDA/DAD, RI, Fluorescence and Conductivity detection and has developed particular expertise in Evaporative Light Scattering Detection (ELSD) which can address compounds that lack a UV chromophore.

Analytical Services For Solid Oral Dosage Forms:

  • Analytical services
  • Methods development and validation
  • Identity, quantitation, potency, content uniformity
  • Process contaminants, excipients, impurities, degradants
  • Lot release and stability assessment

Analytical Services Specifically For Injectable Drug Product

  • Stability indicating HPLC method development & qualifications (Reversed Phase, Ion Exchange)
  • Accelerated stability studies
  • In-use stability studies
  • pH solubility & stability assessment
The Pharmatek Difference
Ultimately, the success of a drug candidate relies not only on its clinical merit but also on the ability of the sponsor to provide data supporting the regulatory requirements of stability, potency and purity. Analytical assays are the foundation of this assessment and the anchor to all ongoing drug development efforts. At Pharmatek, the focus on analytical excellence leads to the development of methods that are robust and easily transferable.