Pharmatek: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development specializes in compound selection, analytical development and formulation development. Based in San Diego, Pharmatek is known for it's own Hot Rod Chemistry and Formulation Screening Kit.

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Formulation Development
Each formulation is unique, just as each drug candidate is unique. At Pharmatek, formulation projects start with a strategic formulation plan. The formulation strategy is the result of a thorough analysis of the preformulation data report, the intended manufacturing process, any patient compliance issues and the strategic goals of the company.

At Pharmatek, our team of formulation scientists has a comprehensive understanding of both solid oral drug product development & injectable drug product development. We understand that certain candidates present specific challenges such as low bioavailability, poor solubility and/or permeability and poor physical stability. Formulation development can be helpful in overcoming many of these issues. Our priority is to always provide a safe and robust formulation to meet our clients' early-stage development goals.

Execution of the formulation strategy utilizes a logical, data driven approach:

  • Pre-formulation solubility and stability evaluations
  • Comprehensive excipient screening
  • Prototype development
  • Formulation optimization and finalization
  • Supporting documentation and data package

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Preclinical Formulation Development Capabilities:

  • Parenteral formulations: toxicology formulation development & stability studies with GLP support, placebo development, liquid in a vial, powder in a vial for reconstitution, lyophilized powder for reconstitution
  • Oral formulations: solutions, suspensions, emulsions, capsules, tablets, coated capsules or tablets (for non-rodent species)

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Clinical Formulation Development Capabilities:

  • Parenteral formulations: clinical formulation development & stability studies, container/closure & delivery component compatibility studies, placebo development, liquid in a vial, powder for reconstitution, lyophilized powder for reconstitution
  • Oral formulations: powder in a bottle for reconstitution, solutions (aqueous or organic), suspensions, emulsions, SEDDS, taste-masked solutions, neat API in a capsule, liquid filled capsules, semi-solid filled hard shell capsules, formulated capsules, formulated tablets
    • Tablet and capsule formulation capabilities: direct blending, dry granulation/roller compaction, wet granulation (bottom or top driven, high or low shear, top-spray fluid bed), melt granulation, multiparticulates, sustained release matrix tablets, amorphous dispersions (spray drying), orally disintegrating tablets
    • Tablet, capsule, or multiparticulate coating (pan coating or Wurster fluid bed coating): film/color coating, taste masking, moisture protective coating, enteric/targeted delivery coating, extended/sustained release coating
    • Injectable dosage forms: intravenous, intramuscular, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, cyclodextrin, lyophilization
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Note: All formulation development techniques can be applied to both non-potent and highly-potent/cytotoxic compounds

The Pharmatek Difference
Formulation development is often seen as a black box. At Pharmatek, it's a science. Our logical, data-driven approach to formulation development gives your compound the best chance at success and provides our clients the most efficient, straightforward process for manufacturing their compound.