Pharmatek: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development specializes in compound selection, analytical development and formulation development. Based in San Diego, Pharmatek is known for it's own Hot Rod Chemistry and Formulation Screening Kit.

Compound Evaluation
Analytical Methods Development
Preformulation Testing
Formulation Development
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Stability Testing/Storage
Cytotoxic and High-Potent Development
Total Quality Excellence
Pharmatek, 1999-2009: 10 Years of Great Chemistry
Preformulation Testing
Pharmatek Laboratories offers a customized pre-formulation testing program based on the composition and intended delivery of your drug candidate. Physiochemical testing based on compound solubility and stability across a broad range of conditions is critical to identifying the best formulation strategy for a particular compound. You will know more about the physical characteristics of your compound and have better insight into how to make it more "druggable".

Pre-formulation studies in combination with strong analytical methods provide the scientific backbone on which clinical formulations are based. The supporting data generated during these studies is fundamental to a successful development program.

The Pharmatek Difference
Each drug candidate is unique. No one program can be scripted to cover every unique chemical entity. At Pharmatek, each program is developed around critical endpoints: an easily manufacturable drug product, a final dosage form that ensures good patient compliance and the company's corporate objectives.