Pharmatek: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development specializes in compound selection, analytical development and formulation development. Based in San Diego, Pharmatek is known for it's own Hot Rod Chemistry and Formulation Screening Kit.

Compound Evaluation
Analytical Methods Development
Preformulation Testing
Formulation Development
GMP Manufacturing
Stability Testing/Storage
Cytotoxic and High-Potent Development
Total Quality Excellence
Pharmatek, 1999-2009: 10 Years of Great Chemistry
Total Quality Excellence
Pharmatek believes that a company must have a total commitment to quality. To drive this quality commitment, the team at Pharmatek established the Total Quality Excellence (TQE) Program. Quality Assurance is a key element of TQE but is only part of the commitment. TQE is founded in a corporate culture that demands quality in every service offered by the company and every system that our business is built on.

At the core of TQE is our unique "client-centric" approach to fee-for-service pharmaceutical development services. Each organizational system that supports our business is designed with the client in mind including:

  • Client communications
  • Scientific plan and proposal development
  • Client access to data
  • Client intellectual property ownership

In its most obvious form, Total Quality Excellence ensures quality control, quality assurance and sound GLP/GMP systems.

In its purest form, Total Quality Excellence encompasses the way we drive, protect and advocate the science of our clients. It infuses integrity into our scientific processes, our business systems and our client communications. TQE is quality people using quality systems to do quality science.

When great science is combined with top-notch facilities with quality systems designed in, the result is a more efficient path for moving drugs into the clinic. Pharmatek can help you select and optimize your lead candidate, take your drug substance to any dosage form and scale up drug product manufacturing for clinical trials.